Gravelroader - 4 Sleeper

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Bush Lapa Gravel Roader - 4 Sleeper inside bathroom


  • Dry Weight - as per standard features (incl water tank, sparewheel, Solar panels & batteries) 1740kg
  • Total Length 5980mm
  • Total Height to roof top 2625mm
  • Total Height to top of aircon frame (depending on tyre size) 2910mm
  • Head room inside 1960mm
  • Total Width (excl Bush Wing) 2050mm
  • Ground Clearance (axle)  400mm
  • Departure angle  22°
  • Independent rubberride axle (Tandem)   2500kg each
  • GVM 2200kg
  • Loading Capacity 460kg
  • Queen bed (2020mm x 1750mm) 1x
  • Single beds (bottom bunk converts to table with two seats) 2x
  • Sleeps  4 Adults
  • 3CR12 Stainless Steel Body and Chassis   
  • Aluminium interior and doors   
  • Micro Dotted (also known as Data Dot) as per law specs.   
  • 1 Year Guarantee (ex factory) on material and workmanship, other items as per manufacturer's guarantees   

Standard Features

  • Bush Wing 90° x 90° 1 x
  • Sides for Bush Wing incl draft skirt (full set)
  • Kitchen with stainless steel working table1 x
  • 15" Wheels, 6 stud, steel epoxy rims5 x
  • Wheel spanner, spare wheel (under chassis)1 x
  • Stabilizers4 x
  • Cupboards for clothes with canvassing & zips
  • Mattresses1 x Q, 2 x S
  • Bathroom (Shower, Toilet, Wash basin inside)1 x
  • Inside floor carpet1 x
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel1 x
  • Jockey wheel out of the way bracket1 x
  • Deep cycle batteries (105 A/h) with cover boxes2 x
  • Roof mounted 160W Solar panel and roof rack with Victron MPPT 75/15A1 x
  • Roof LED light3 x
  • LED Lights (kitchen, bed, entrance door,  nosebox, rear storage, & gas compartment)14 x
  • Outside DUAL Touch LED Lights4 x
  • Hella points 12V output4 x
  • Anderson Fridge points 12V 50A 1 x
  • 220V plug (3 point) outside at kitchen3 x
  • 220V plug (2 point) inside (built in breaker)1 x
  • 220V plug (3 point) inside (built in breaker)1 x
  • 220V plug (3point, 2point, USB) inside kitchen1 x
  • 220V plug (3point, 2point, USB) inside by Queen bed1 x
  • 220V Victron Blue Smart IP65 charger 12V/15A, monitor and Bush Lapa power panel with USB plugs1 x
  • Charging system from vehicle (Anderson plug on A-frame)1 x
  • 220V Caravan extension lead for mains 10m1 x
  • Mudflaps2 x
  • Crockery set in foam holder (for six)1x
  • Fire extinguisher 1 x
  • Double wash basin (removable)1 x
  • Heavy duty aluminium kitchen drawer system 1 x
  • Dometic 2 Burner gas stove1 x
  • Gasbottle brackets 2 x
  • 150 Litre stainless steel watertank with automatic pump, filler cap, tap and drain plug1 x
  • Waterlevel meter1 x
  • Hansen GE3 Geyser - Gas/Electrical - 14L1 x
  • Hot and cold water taps on rear for wash basins1 x each
  • Transport included to Bush Lapa certified dealers  (7 working days extra from factory completion date)1 x

Optional Extra's

  • National Luna 90L incl 5x baskets (220V/12V)
  • Snomaster 81.5L incl baskets (220V/12V)
  • Bearing kit 
  • Mag Wheels 15'' or 16''Price on request
  • Extra LED lights (small 6 LED inside)
  • Extra LED lights (Dual touch outside)
  • Upgrade to 2 x AGM battery 140 A/h and 220V Victron Blue Smart IP22 charger 12V/30A
  • Additional Roof mounted 160W Solar panel and roof rack and upgrade to MPPT 100/30A
  • CTEK DUAL Charger D250SA (Option to remove Victron MPPT 75/15A)
  • CTEK 12V Smartpass for D250 Dual Ctek
  • Gasbottles 5kg (filled)
  • Extend standard wash basin with dryrack
  • Mirror inside at basin
  • 1200mm x 600mm Loose standing aluminium table (with fold in legs in PVC bag)
  • Table strap only
  • PVC Stoneprotector  
  • Mosquito net in door
  • Eggbox mattress upgrade
  • Memory foam mattress upgrade
  • Gel memory foam mattress upgrade
  • Windshield for gasstove (loose standing) 
  • Jerry can holder
  • Jerry can (Green)
  • Bush Lapa Bottle opener 
  • Anti-theft coupler lock
  • Axe with bracket
  • Spade with bracket
  • Engraved glass crockery set with foam holder
  • Black stonechip front 
  • Bush Wing awning 90° x 180° including sides and draft skirts - Rear 
  • Install clients inverter 
  • Inverter options available Price on request
  • Dometic Aircon Fresh Jet 2200 (7500 Btu) Price on request
  • Custom canvas bags on request. Price on request
  • Window blinds options Price on request

For reference purposes only

Although this Caravan, Trailer or Motorhome is no longer manufactured it can be found on the pre-owned market. The information displayed is for reference purposes only. You can contact your nearest dealer for more info.

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