Caravan Wiring

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Caravan & Trailer Wiring

I can never find this diagram when I need it -- so here it is!

This allows you to connect up the wiring to tow a caravan or trailer.

If you have a modern caravan, refer to the dealer as they may have an additional socket wired up to allow fridges etc to be run! The orientation of this picture is if you were looking into the socket on the tow bar from behind the car. This is the Female connector. The Male connector is the one on the trailer/caravan.

Road safety requires working brake lights and turn signals to help keep other motorists aware of your intentions as you drive. These safety factors become even more important when you're towing a caravan or trailer, since you are effectively increasing the "length" of your vehicle and decreasing its maneuverability. Since the caravan is likely to block your vehicle's brake lights and turn signals, trailer lights help ensure that safety isn't compromised when you tow.

Important: Before beginning this installation, check your vehicle's owner's manual and/or the service manual to familiarize yourself with the wiring of the rear lights on your vehicle. Also follow the instructions that come with your light kit, as there may be slight differences among brands and styles.

Socket and plug wiring instruction

Normal 7 core wire (, 8mm gauge) Socket.

  1. Yellow - left Indicators
  2. Blue - Spare/Fridge
  3. White - Earth
  4. Green - Right Indicators
  5. Brown - Tail Lamps and number plate
  6. Red - Stop Lamps
  7. Black - Tail lamps and number plate

Note. Pins 5 and 7 are normally bridged.

The Earth. (No 3 – white)

The tow hitch of the van or trailer must be on the tow bar of the vehicle so as to create an efficient earth connection. Terminal no 3 (white) has a wire connected at the socket so as to ensure that the trailer/caravan is also connected, and this white wire must be connected to the chassis of the towing vehicle as well.

The Spare/Fridge. (No 2 – Blue) is used to connect the fridge. A 15amp fuse connector should be connected as a safety precaution.
It is recommended that a tow bar/trailer specialist undertake this operation.

Wiring diagram and description courtesy of:

Loftus Caravan City.

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