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Embarking on Adventure with Your Four-Legged Friend: Tips for Modern Pet-Friendly Camping

Over the past decade, we've explored the great outdoors with our trusty caravan and our beloved Miniature Doberman, fondly known as "Rambo" within our caravan club, though his actual name is Bambi. Our caravan journeys have taken us to coastal getaways, serene riverside escapes, picturesque mountain resorts, bustling urban centers, and quaint small towns, each filled with unique experiences and challenges when camping with our furry companion. Now, we've gathered some modern insights to share with fellow travelers looking to embark on pet-friendly camping trips.

Know Your Dog:

Assess your dog's behavior in the car. If they tend to get anxious or restless, consider using a body harness. This allows for quick and secure restraint and simplifies the process of attaching a leash when needed.

Secure the Journey:

Use a portable dog kennel or install a barrier between the front and rear seats to ensure your dog's safety while traveling. Dogs may enjoy the idea of driving, but their interference can be a distraction. Training your pet is essential in ensuring a peaceful journey. If your dog despises car rides, it might be better for everyone involved if they stay at home.

Start Small:

If you're new to traveling with your dog, consider beginning with a short overnight trip or a weekend getaway close to home. Don't bring your dog if they'll be cooped up in the caravan the whole time. Many well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome at a surprising number of resorts. Always clean up after your pet.

Check Resort Policies:

Conduct research on your chosen campsite in advance to avoid surprises and ensure a pleasant stay for everyone. Plan ahead, especially if you're traveling during peak seasons. Some resorts only permit pets during off-peak times or might have restrictions on pet sizes and numbers.

Leash Up:

Keep your dog on a leash at all times, even in the resort. Strange surroundings can override your dog's training, increasing the risk of them wandering off and getting lost or hurt. Furthermore, not everyone likes dogs, and some people are even afraid of them. To create an enjoyable atmosphere, respect the rights and comfort of others.

No Hot Car:

Never leave your dog unattended in a car during hot weather, even with the windows cracked. Dogs can overheat quickly and are less efficient at cooling themselves than humans. High temperatures inside a vehicle can be dangerous for your pet.

Beware of Children:

Dogs can attract children, but this can lead to unpredictable situations. Always be vigilant to avoid potential mishaps. Use these situations as opportunities to educate children and their parents on how to approach and interact with dogs.

Portable Kennel:

Invest in a collapsible or fabric dog kennel for your vehicle. Train your dog to be comfortable in the kennel while traveling. This practice provides safety and security for your pet and can make the resort management more at ease.

Keep Windows Open:

When leaving your dog in the caravan, remember to leave the windows and roof vent flaps open. Provide food, water, and shade to ensure their well-being. It's best to picnic, barbecue, or play games in the shade when they're alone in the caravan.

Pet Essentials:

Bring water from home and your dog's regular food to prevent stomach issues. Resist feeding your dog human food. Keep dog food and water in the car to ensure regular feeding times, even if you stay out late. Plus, don't forget to pack dog biscuits to avoid your maps being munched on.

Bring Comfort:

Don't forget to pack your dog's toys, just as you would for children. Chew toys offer entertainment and comfort during the car ride. Also, make sure your dog's favorite toy or teddy accompanies you on the journey.

Clean Up:

Be considerate and carry cleanup supplies. Always clean up after your dog, and have carpet cleaner and a rag on hand for accidents. Towels can be useful for wiping your dog's paws or drying them off before they enter your caravan.

First Aid Kit:

Prepare a small first aid kit for your dog in the car. Include tweezers, gauze, and antiseptic for minor incidents. If your dog has health issues, do some research to locate vets in the area you'll be visiting. Carry any necessary prescriptions with you.

Enjoy the Journey:

If the prospect of traveling with your dog seems like more trouble than it's worth, consider leaving them at a boarding kennel and traveling solo. However, if you're already figuring out where to fit a kennel in your car, you're ready to embark on a camping adventure with your furry friend. Camping with your dog can provide numerous joys and precious moments.

Bonus Tip: Look for the pet-friendly resort icon on for guidance on resorts that welcome pets. Always confirm the pet policy when making reservations to avoid disappointments upon arrival.

Now, go out and have a fantastic camping adventure with your four-legged companion!

Willie Bromehead

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